Notes from the Pastor: April 2018

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Notes from the Pastor

Dear Members of St. Philip’s Church:

Easter blessings!

A day that you have been waiting for is coming soon. On Sunday morning, April 8, 2018, the pastoral search committee that you commissioned last summer will be presenting to you the person they are nominating to serve as your new Pastor. The pastoral candidate will conduct the service of worship on that day and deliver the sermon. Following the worship service, the special meeting of the congregation will be called to order, and you will have the opportunity to vote to affirm your search committee’s recommendation.

As your transitional pastor, I will not be present with you in worship that morning. That’s in order for the day to belong completely to you and your new pastor. I will be thinking about you however, and giving thanks for the gifts and graces that you will discover in the person God has sent to you. This is a time of great joy and celebration. Our transitional journey is moving toward its successful conclusion. St. Philip’s Church is looking ahead to the coming days and the new ways that God will choose to call you into ministry.

The beginning of your new pastor’s ministry among you will not happen immediately, of course. He will need some time to complete his work with the congregation he has been serving, and we will also use these days to prepare for his arrival. Our spring congregational meeting will be held on April 29, 2018. This is the meeting when we elect new leaders for our congregation and its ministries. It is an important time for members of St. Philip’s to ask yourselves what personal commitment you may be able to make to support our work together.

Let us rejoice in the joyful celebration of this season of the Resurrection! Thanks for everything you do to make known the presence of the living Christ in this church and among our neighbors everywhere!

Allen M. Fluent
Transitional Pastor