Daycare Days: July 2019

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Daycare Days

Dear Parents,

Jambo! This month we will continue our travels, stopping in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and then on to New Zealand and Australia. As the summer shenanigans continue, don’t forget to ask your child where they have “traveled” to. On July 22nd, the Pinx Academy of Dance will come to perform their international dance routine before they head to their world competition in Ethiopia. Be sure to check out the bulletin board outside of the Monkey Room, to learn different ways to say hello. 🙂 Have a great rest of your summer!


Jacqueline Fechter

Upcoming Events

  • July 4 – Center Closed
  • July 8 – Vacation Bible School
  • July 16 – Magic House Field Trip – Bring lunch!
  • July 23 – The Lion King Field Trip (Tigers only)
  • August 1 – Crestwood Bowl Field Trip

Important Announcement

To use vacation days, you must be enrolled for 3 months and give your slip to the office two weeks in advance. Have a safe holiday weekend!

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