From the Pastor’s Desk: December 2019

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From the Pastor's Desk

Rev. Mike KrewsonMusic is a favorite part, for many, of what we do together as church! I believe that all God’s children can and should sing. It makes us breathe well and feel good while inspiring us with words that lift us up.

“Make a joyful noise!” Psalm 100

St. Philip’s United Church sings well, but as a reminder to keep doing that, here is a story:

One pastor, in a church that wasn’t singing well, told attenders:

“Today we’re going to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ in a way our ancestors did — unaccompanied. On verse one, I’ll sing to give you the key. On verse two, we’ll all sing. On verse three, we’ll harmonize — just do it how it sounds best to you. And verse four we’ll sing all the same note together.”

That church sang without the organ or piano. And it was lovely. They discovered their voices.

St. Philip’s United Church sings well already. This year, as the season approaches, Christmas music and Christmas carols will, of course, be a part of our experience together. Please sing out strong, on the notes as best you can. Sing for God, undeterred by ideas of listening people, because, we sing to give God praise!

And in so doing, our worship will be enhanced and more enjoyable for all.

Pastor Mike Krewson