From the Pastor’s Desk: October 2019

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Rev. Mike KrewsonI Am

The inspiring reminder to refrain from pronouncing the name of God came during a talk I attended recently by environmental hero Rabbi Arthur Waskow. When Moses asked for God’s name, God’s answer did not include vowels or any way of pronouncing. Perhaps it sounded like the wind. The answer instead, gave Moses a way of speaking of God that goes beyond name. It has been translated “I Am” but seems not to have a verb tense and therefore we might also hear messages like: “Because God is, we are.” “Because God creates, we live.” “Because God sustains, we breathe.” “Because I am, you are.”

[Moses said: ‘God, if … ] “…they ask me, ‘What is [your] name?’
Then what shall I tell them?’
God said to Moses, “I am who I am. … [tell them] ‘I am has sent
me to you.’” –Exodus 3: 13-14

More ways to understand this might include: “If we want to see God, look at your neighbor, look at your world, look into yourself. If you want to love God, love them.” “If you want to be a part of the Kingdom, get on board with living in God’s mystery.”

We might also conclude that we are called to trust God rather than figure God out. This way of trusting God could equip us for the work we are called to.

Let us always remember that God is with us, and our world. That changes everything!

Pastor Mike Krewson