Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s: March 2019

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March 2019 Preschool Press

Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s

During March, we will be learning about our 5 Senses, St. Patrick’s Day, and Insects. We will also be introducing the letter S this month.


The children will continue Zoophonics to learn the letter sounds of the letters we have learned already and will continue with new letters. We will be learning about the letter S this month. The children will also continue to review all the letters we have learned and practice writing our names.


The children will be making a shamrock number line, counting gold coins, sorting bugs by color, and matching insect halves.


For Fine Motor, the children will be shake sound shakers, feel different textures, feel sensory balloons, and use tweezers to find bugs. For Gross Motor, we will go on a Nature Walk, hunt for golden names, and do Insect Actions.


The children will be talking about our 5 senses, make their own sound shakers, play with 5 senses puppets, and colors on the light table. We will also discover insects with an insect sensory bin, playdough bug fossils, and insect matching.


  • Spring Break – Our Spring Break will be the week of March 18, 2019. We will not have Preschool this week.


Happy birthday, Ellery (3rd) and Cecilia (13th)!

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