Solution to a Discomforting Prayer

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face in hands

Rev. Mike KrewsonAwareness developed studying psychology has recently prompted me to notice a need to cause others to tell me how good I am. This triggered a search for self-validation strategies. I found a few good ones, the best of which involve three elements.

  1. Put a hand on chest
  2. Take a few deep cleansing breaths
  3. Think a comforting word or phrase

A recent phrase designed to help has been: “I’m doing my best” which has been effective for several weeks until lately, my conscience has replied: “Are you?”

It compared me to a 1930s German citizen who did not try to stem Nazis crimes against humanity.

My thought was: “What am I supposed to do?”

The response: “Fellow citizens’ livelihoods and relationships are being destroyed by being imprisoned in for-prophet debtor’s work-houses just because they are poor and of color.”

Again, what am I supposed to do?

Solution: Write this blog post.

You are hereby invited to share the burden of my discomfort.

Pastor Mike Krewson