Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s: February 2020

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February 2020 Preschool Press

Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s

We will be introducing the letters P, Q, and R this month with PeeWee the Penguin, Queeny the Quail, and Robbie the Rabbit. We will also talk about Dental Health, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.


The children will continue Zoophonics to learn the letter sounds of the letters we have learned already and will continue with P, Q, and R. We will also be making Heart Name Crowns and writing our names in Rainbow Rice. As A class, we will discuss what we would do if we were the President.


The children will be making patterns with hearts and graphing hearts. We will also be counting marshmallow teeth, coins, and rainbows. We will also be hopping like rabbits on a number line.


For Fine Motor, we will be using tweezers to sort colored pompoms and painting with pink and purple for the letter P. We will also be lacing hearts and painting with Q-Tips. For Gross Motor, the children will playing musical hearts and doing Quick Movements.


Dr. Lang will be coming to visit us on February 4th to talk to the children about Dental Health. The children will be brushing model teeth and looking for healthy foods. We will also be looking at Quartz with magnify glasses for the letter Q.


  • Please make sure your child brings their folder EVERY preschool day.
  • Lending Library books are due every Thursday. Your child can not check out another book until they bring the previous book back.
  • Valentine Party is on Thursday, February 13th. Don’t forget to bring your child’s Valentine Box for the Valentine Exchange.
  • Conferences are being held on Monday, February 17th.

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