From the Pastor’s Desk: November 2021

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From the Pastor's Desk
Rev. Mike Krewson

Robert Raynolds, in his 1952 novel, writes a sad summary of the Roman Empire in the words of his fictional Roman official:

Our whole age, our whole Roman world had gone dead in its heart because it feared tragedy, took flight from suffering and abhorred failure. In fear of tragedy, we worshipped power. In fear of suffering, we worshipped security. In fear of failure, we worshipped success.… During the rising splendor of our thousand years we had grown cruel, practical, and sterile. We did win the whole world. We did lose our own souls. – The Sinner of Saint Ambrose

Gospel Writer Mark tells us that Jesus and a scribe agreed on words from the Hebrew bible which say:

“Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.”

Jesus and the scribe both also knew the second part of this greatest commandment:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Like the ancient Romans in the novel above, when we choose power, security and achievement, we lose diversity, compassion, and joy.

On the path to Jesus, we gain friendship, community, legacy, and spiritual wholeness. I pray that individually and together we will continue to choose the Way of Jesus.

Pastor Mike Krewson