Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s: November 2021

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ECC Preschool 3s

November 2021 Preschool Press

Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s

A Note from Mrs. Julie

We will have our Thanksgiving History Celebration with Preschool 4s. I will send out more information when the time gets closer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email at any time.

Mrs. Julie
Preschool Lead

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314-843-2114 Ext: 208

What are We Learning


We will learn about the letters G, H, I, and J with Zoophonics. We will meet Gordo the Gorilla, Honey the Horse, Innie the Inchworm, and Jerry the Jellyfish. We will also review all the letters we have learned so far this year. The children will also be matching letters for Thanksgiving.


The children will make patterns with zoo animals and measure farm animals with counting cubes. We will also make shape turkeys and count jungle animals.


For fine motor, the children will use tweezers for sorting green items, make playdough turkeys, and trace numbers on jellyfish. For gross motor, we will play Red Light Green Light and do the “Cowboy Dance.” We will also jump over the letter J.


The children will mix yellow & blue to make green and count hearts on the light table. We will also explore in an inchworm sensory & Jell-O sensory bags.


We will be going on an animal shadow hunt, playing I Spy Letters, and graph if we like jellybeans or not.

Important Dates

  • November 1 – Hunger Drive Starts
  • November 18 – No Preschool
  • November 19 – Thanksgiving History Celebration
  • November 25 & 26 – Center Closed (Thanksgiving)
  • November 30 – Hunger Drive Ends


Please remember folders need to be brought to school EVERY Tuesday. We will put your child’s work from the week in it and send it back home on Thursday.

If your child will be absent for any reason, please email me so I can adjust our day according. If you have any questions about Preschool, please let me know.

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