From the Pastor’s Desk: July 2022

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From the Pastor's Desk
Rev. Mike Krewson

Carrying Our Load and Bearing Other’s Burdens

A caretaker for disabled foster children and her own children were living in a home so unsafe and inadequate, it hindered their care and healthy growth. A television show (I’m not sure which) recruited neighbors, area tradespeople, and merchants to cooperate in an extreme makeover, which rehabilitated the property and dramatically enhanced the care possible inside it.

It was a win, win, win. The tradespeople used their skill and received positive advertising. The caregiver gained a safe residence with needed structures and tools allowing greater care with less effort. All while the children’s lives became easier, safer, and more nurtured.

When people carry their own load — a community can exist and thrive because cooperation and economic specialization make for prosperity. But not everyone can carry an equal share. If a community punishes those less willing or able — their prosperity suffers. If strong members of that same community add the burdens of those less prosperous — to their load — the resulting advance allows greater prosperity for all, increases overall happiness for most and inspires everyone!

When Jesus sent out 36 teams of two to campaign for God’s way of being a community (Luke 10), he listed advice about what they should take with them, who they should choose to partner with and even: what to do when rejected. He also cautioned them not to be too pleased with their skills but instead to celebrate their blessings.

Let’s all strive to be part of prosperous communities which become that way by working together, each carrying our own load and bearing each other’s burdens.

Rev. Mike Krewson, Pastor