Pastor Laura’s Doctor of Ministry Update!

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Pastor Laura has reached the stage in her research on collaborative ministry where she now needs to interview folks, especially from St. John UCC, about your experiences with partnering and working with other local churches in ministry together over the years.

While Pastor Laura invites your participation, please know that this is completely voluntary and it is ok to decline to participate in an interview. Because this is for an accredited academic endeavor, those who agree to participate will have an official form to sign granting their consent to participate and for Pastor Laura to use your responses anonymously in her dissertation.

Pastor Laura has an official letter outlining what the interview will involve and how your responses will be recorded, which she will share with you when individually inviting your participation. This note is included in our shared Newsletter so that both churches are aware that Pastor Laura intends to work on this phase of her research over the next couple of months. Thank you for your support during this season of research!