From the Pastor's Desk From the Pastor’s Desk: January 2020 - Solutions People often seek real help for what they are going through in their lives. Sometimes we find it helpful to hear, not only what works for a particular problem, but why, and how to find out, so we can use the same strategy for another circumstance, when a new problem comes along. In the Gospel of John, Jesus told… Read More
From the Pastor's Desk From the Pastor’s Desk: December 2019 - Music is a favorite part, for many, of what we do together as church! I believe that all God’s children can and should sing. It makes us breathe well and feel good while inspiring us with words that lift us up. “Make a joyful noise!” Psalm 100 St. Philip’s United Church sings well, but as a reminder to keep doing… Read More
From the Pastor's Desk From the Pastor’s Desk: November 2019 - For me, when children come to church on Sunday and Wednesday, and special events — it is so much fun! Watching them and imagining the world through their eyes inspires me to see anew. I love hearing what they have to say, watching them interact with each other and older members, too. But there are challenges that come with this… Read More
military seek help Moral Injury Treatment Saves Lives! - When we violate our core moral foundations or are exposed to a great evil, our identity is derailed. Guilt, anxiety and suicidal thoughts can follow. Read More
young couple Five Sad Facts Could Improve Your Life - Knowing these five sad facts could improve your whole life. The reliable source for these facts is listed in a link at the end. What if a 17-year-old girl and a charming 21-year-old man want to spend lots of time together? It would be so much better if they both knew five important things: Even if you are not this… Read More
From the Pastor's Desk From the Pastor’s Desk: September 2019 - It's exciting to have new people becoming integrated into our congregation! It feels good to expand and serve more people and partner with them in living into Christianity. So, in honor of our 4 new members, let’s explore our vision statement in a new and different way: A nationally known congregation in California has a statement very reminiscent of St.… Read More
From the Pastor's Desk From the Pastor’s Desk: October 2019 - I Am The inspiring reminder to refrain from pronouncing the name of God came during a talk I attended recently by environmental hero Rabbi Arthur Waskow. When Moses asked for God’s name, God’s answer did not include vowels or any way of pronouncing. Perhaps it sounded like the wind. The answer instead, gave Moses a way of speaking of God… Read More
Notes from the Pastor Notes from the Pastor: August 2019 - In the Bible, in his letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul names what he calls: spiritual gifts. “… the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23a NIV) How often do you think about the personal qualities God has given you? The list of spiritual gifts in Paul’s letter to… Read More
face in hands Solution to a Discomforting Prayer - Awareness developed studying psychology has recently prompted me to notice a need to cause others to tell me how good I am. This triggered a search for self-validation strategies. I found a few good ones, the best of which involve three elements. Put a hand on chest Take a few deep cleansing breaths Think a comforting word or phrase A… Read More
Notes from the Pastor Notes from the Pastor: July 2019 - When Jesus told His disciples to love one another, he did not make this command conditional upon how much those others agree with us. The joy and power of the church has always crossed opinion boundaries as well as geographic and generational ones. The best future of the church depends on us continuing this excellent trend. An issue of Psychology… Read More