Notes from the Pastor Notes from the Pastor: October 2018 - In order to get to know the congregation, six cottage meetings were held — five in member’s homes and one at church. Conversations at those meetings revealed that members and friends of St. Philip’s like the church a lot. The nearly 50 members and friends said St. Philip’s is a welcoming and friendly church which is the right size with Read More
Notes from the Pastor From the Pastor: September 2018 - Neighbors in Need The Bible tells us that when we show empathy or compassion to strangers in our communities, we are representing Christ (Matthew 25:43-45). The Neighbors in Need offering, which we will receive on October 7, 2018, supports projects in United Church of Christ congregations and helping organizations throughout the United States, including the national Justice and Witness Ministries Read More
Notes from the Pastor From the Pastor: August 2018 - Who are We A claim was made at a recent Board Meeting that people often misunderstand what church is all about. Together it was agreed that if people know our kind of church, there would be much less of this. I accepted the challenge to write a description that might help. There are many other things to say about who Read More
Which Wolf will Win From the Pastor: July 2018 - Dear members & friends: Thank you so much for the welcome you have given as I begin my time as your Pastor! It has been wonderful. The feeling of St. Philip's being a loving Christian community as our mission statement says has come through loud and clear. I will do my best to engage minds and hearts as we partner Read More