Youth Groups

Welcome to St. Philip’s Youth Groups. We are an active group that meets regularly doing activities inside and outside of our church.

St. Philip's UCC Youth Group

We believe that “Every member is a minister,” seeking ways to show God’s love by doing God’s work through our attitudes and actions. We want to have a “purpose-driven youth ministry.” We feel that fun and faith can go together.

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Our Purposes Are:

  • Evangelism

    Sharing Christian faith and nurturing Christ-centered lives. (“Share” with others.)

  • Fellowship

    Provide and build a fun and loving Christian community. (“Build” up our relationships with each other.)

  • Discipleship

    Affirm individuals as creations of God, learning our faith. (“Learn” about God.)

  • Ministry

    Pursue mission opportunities and serve. (“Serve” God’s people.)

  • Worship

    Create and stimulate a Spiritual relationship with God. (“Honor” God.)

We want to have a fun and safe place for young people to get together.

Youth Activities

Every month the youth have several things going on. Check the St. Philip’s calendar for more information.

Examples of activities include lock-ins, laser tag, bowling, volunteering at the St. Louis Area Foodbank, and much more.

Activities are divided by age group as follows: High School, Elementary/Middle School, and ALL (including young children).

Learning Ministry

Sunday School

Pre-K through 5th Graders meet every Sunday after the Children’s Message.

6th-12th graders meet for Sunday school twice a month and do a lunch outing once a month.

There is no Sunday school on Youth Sundays because the children and youth are leading our worship.

We look forward to seeing you at any of our events. For more information, please contact our Youth Director, Andrea Tukin at [email protected].

LOGOS Program

The primary goal of LOGOS is building Christian relationships. Participation is open to St. Philip’s members, students attending the Early Childhood Center, and children and youth from the community.

LOGOS Program

School-aged children are invited to recreation time, bible study appropriate to their age, worship arts time, and a family dinner. These four parts of LOGOS are key to growing in faith and relationship with one another. Parents are invited to partake in the dinner when they pick up their children (that’s one less night of cooking!).

Please contact Andrea Tukin, Program Director at (314) 566-8633 or [email protected] with any questions.

LOGOS 2017-18 Video and Photo Gallery