Daycare Days: September 2017

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Daycare Days

Daycare Days

September 2017


Hello from the Butterfly room! We have 2 little butterflies moving to the Elephant room, Cheska & Josie. They will have so much fun & we will miss them. We have a wonderful group of babies that have joined us … Elsie is loving the exersaucers, Nathen likes bouncers and grabbing the hanging toys. Ella, Leo, & Morgan are doing great, they love the floor gym. Oliver will be joining us September 5th, we can’t wait to meet him. We have a wonderful group of Butterflies and they couldn’t be any cuter!!! Happy Labor Day & Be Safe!

Mrs. Penny, Mrs. Lisa, & Mrs. Valerie


Hello Families and Friends! We can’t believe summer is officially over and another school year has begun. The Hippos have a lot of fun activities and fall crafts planned for this month. Also, we are excited to welcome new friends to our room; Eleanor and Nellie will be joining us from the elephant room. Our big 1-year olds will be moving on up to the Birds and Bees. We will also be having our annual Fall Festival this month on September 24th and we hope all of our families can join us. We hope everyone has a fantastic month!

Miss Kelly & Miss Gabi


Happy September Families! Fall is upon us already! We are so excited for the cooler weather. We have such a great group of friends in the Elephant room. We had to say goodbye to Nellie and Eleanor as they stomped over to the Hippo side, we will miss them so much but they will have much fun with new friends! Ben is so cute he can sit up all by himself, SO BIG! Reece gives the best smiles and enjoys playing on the mat. Nettie and Jenson are getting so big, they love playing with all our friends. Grace loves to coo in the mirror, it’s so cute. Fall Festival is coming soon hope to see all our friends there!!!

Thanks! Mrs. Crystal & Miss Kristi


September already? The Bees are cruising right along! As Summer is winding down and with Fall right around the corner, the Bees are buzzing with excitement to see what is in store next. We will be doing a lot of hands on activities and some super fun explorations. As always, stop by and see are very cute art projects on display outside our room. We would like to Welcome Miss Cherice & Thomas to our hive.

Oliver & Logan will be leaving our hive and flying over to walk tall with the Giraffes in the Haven building. They will be missed but we know they will do great! We wish them well on their new adventures. Please remember to sign your child in & out daily even if they are dropped off/picked up in another room. As always, if you ever have any concerns or questions please feel free to talk to myself, Jadyn or Cherice.

Thank You, Mrs. Michelle


We had a fun summer in the Bird room. Fall is going to be packed with tons of learning. This month we will be focusing on the colors Purple, Red, Yellow and Green & learning shapes like Rectangle, Oval, Diamond & Heart. We have been practicing matching colors, recognizing our colors & shapes, pointing to body parts, & our animal sounds. This month we will be learning about our families, back to school, fall & dinosaurs. We have also been working on teaching the children to use their words for things that they want, & teaching how to use nice touches with their friends.

During the month of September please bring in a book from home, and we will read a book a day during circle time. Asa and Cash will be missed they are flying up to the Giraffe room.


The new school year has started and we are so excited for what is to come … This month we will be learning about our 5 senses and how unique each child is. We will be working hard on our shapes and colors and learning the letters E-H and numerals 7-10. We are saying goodbye to Jacob and Ethan as they hop over to the Frog Room. We will be welcoming Oliver, Logan, Cash & Asa to our little jungle. We are so excited for our new friends. Just a reminder that our sign in sheet is by the door so please make sure to sign your child in and out every day!

Thank you! Mrs. Abbey, Ms. Riley, & Ms. Olivia


Hello Parents! We are very excited to start our new school year in the Frog Room! We will continue focusing on a specific letter, number, color, and shape each week along with our weekly themes. This month we want to wish our friend Maxwell a very Happy Birthday! We will also be welcoming two new frogs, Ethan and Jacob, from the Giraffe Room. As we welcome new friends, we must also wish our friend Ben good luck as he swims up to the Fish Room!

Love your teachers in the Frog Room, Ms. Kasey, Ms. Sam, & Ms. Taylor


Summer is over and the Fish room is ready to start learning new things. During September, we will be getting to know our friends with an All About Me week then talking about Apples, Fall, and Transportation. We will also learn about the letters A and B, counting 1-5, start practicing with scissors, and lots of name recognition. We would like to “Welcome” Ben to our room from the Frogs and wish Armando, Mila and Alice “Good Luck” as they will be moving to the Monkey Room. A huge “Happy Birthday” goes out to Ava on the 16th and Jack on the 30th.

Happy Fall!!! Mrs. Julie, Ms. Tayler, & Ms. Sam


Welcome back everyone! We are all so excited for the new school year to start! The kids are constantly asking when preschool is going to start. This month we will be doing lots of getting to know you activities so that we can learn more about our friends that will be joining our preschool classes. We will also be working on the letters A and B. A very Happy Birthday this month to Owen, Lucas and Charlotte! We would also like to welcome Armando, Milo, and Alice to our Monkey classroom! Hope everyone has a great month!

Ms. Kaitlin, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Lauren & Mr. Russ