From the Pastor: August 2018

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Notes from the Pastor

Who are We

A claim was made at a recent Board Meeting that people often misunderstand what church is all about. Together it was agreed that if people know our kind of church, there would be much less of this. I accepted the challenge to write a description that might help.

There are many other things to say about who we are, but to meet the purpose of helping those who come here but don’t know, I offer the following:


We are people who share values like respect, love, and honesty. Our shared values include diversity of viewpoints and thinking. We not only welcome diversity — we enjoy each other because we are different.

We also share the work it takes to be an organization which supports each other, shares values, and contributes to the well being of our community. Each of us has skills needed and willingly works with hands, ideas, time, expertise, and more.

And we believe in sharing the sharing. The blessings of contributing to our community are so good that we want others to enjoy them, too. We find most people agree and we enjoy partnering with people and organizations.

We are a Christian Church and, as such, believe in God known best in Jesus and the Spirit. But you will not hear bigotry or criticism. You will not be pressured to join or believe or anything. Partners are invited to share with us and enjoy friendship and common helpful activity. We believe that is God’s plan.

When you attend an event,  your presence is all we expect. We will tell you more when you ask, but we will not be pressuring you.

We find it a joy.

Whenever you come, we think you will too.

Pastor Mike