Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 4s: April 2019

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April 2019 Preschool Press

Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 4s

Happy Easter!

During April, we will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and frog, celebrate Week of the Young Child, and talk about Pets and the Weather.

If you ever have any questions about anything, please let me know. My email is [email protected].

What Are We Learning


We will continue to review all the letters with an alphabet caterpillar, an Easter Alphabet Hunt, and alphabet Puppy Chow. We will also be writing words related to butterflies and families. We will also be focusing on writing our first and last names.


The children will be jumping on numbered lily pads, egg number tracing, counting jelly beans, making a dog with shapes, and lacing beads on numbered rainbows.


This month, we will be watching real caterpillars turn into butterflies as we learn about the butterfly life cycle. We will also play with Peeps Playdough, and watch it rain in a jar.


For Fine Motor, we will continue to practice writing our names, lacing beads, and painting with Q-Tips. For Gross Motor, we will be doing a Frog Jump, dance on newspaper, Easter Eggs-ercises, and Easter Bunny Freeze Dance.

Important Dates

  • April 8-12 – Week of the Young Child
  • April 10 – Field Trip
  • April 20 – Egg Hunt
  • April 24 – Parent Teacher Conference
  • April 27 – Mouse Races


Monday: Language
Tuesday: Science
Wednesday: Life Skills
Thursday: Geography

April 1: Write and Build Words, Space, Tying Shoes, California

April 8: Write and Build Words, Space, Eating Healthy, North and South Carolina

April 15: Write and Build Words, Space, Phone Numbers, Texas

April 22: Earth Day, Trash/Recycling, Addresses, Rhode Island and Connecticut

April 29: Fly Swatter Letters, Swamps and Pond Life, Money, Louisiana

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