Food Pantries: Isaiah 58 and Feed My People

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food pantry

St. Philip’s is so pleased and happy to know that $2,135 has been contributed to the food pantry fund. Carl is sending a check to Isaiah 58 and Feed My People. Many thanks for your generosity!

This will be an ongoing project, so if you would like to contribute, send a check to either

St. Philip’s Church
10708 Lavinia Drive, 63123


Kathy Shelton
10754 Gail Court, 63123

On the memo of your check please designate “Food Pantry.” Kathy will deposit these and Carl will send a check to each of these organizations.

If you have any questions, call Pastor Mike (618-789-2203), Virginia (843-3605), or Barbara Barnes (843-4157).

Thank you all very much. God bless you, take care, and be safe.

Click here to see a recent thank you letter from Isaiah 58 Ministries