Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s: September 2021

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ECC Preschool 3s

September 2021 Preschool Press

Mrs. Julie’s Preschool 3s

A Note from Mrs. Julie

I am so excited to start the new Preschool year! We are going to try our best to make sure the kids have a fun and safe year.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email at any time.

Mrs. Julie
Preschool Lead

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314-843-2114 Ext: 208

What are We Learning


We will start the first week off with lots of name activities, including recognition. We will meet Allie the Alligator, Bubba the Bear, and Catina the Cat with Zoophonics. The letter, sound, and animal movement will be introduced as well. We will also talk about other words that start with these letters.


The children will trace shapes with gems, put numbers in order on an alligator patterns, and balance bears. We will also count cubes to make construction towers.


For Fine Motor, the children will be lacing alphabet beads, transferring water with pipettes, and cutting lines to butterflies. For Gross Motor, we will be going on a Color Hunt, tossing bean bags to apples, and do a Cat Freeze Dance.


The children will start the month by mixing colors on foil. We will also explore in an Alligator Swamp, find bugs in “grass” and build castles on the light table.


We will be playing “Clap A Friend’s Name with Me” and “Alligator Claps”. We will also be balancing bears while we have a relay.

Important Dates

  • September 6 – Center Closed (Labor Day)
  • September 7 – First Day of Preschool
  • September 16 – Lending Library Starts


We will be using your child’s folder to send their work and other information in. Please make sure your child brings it every Preschool day.

Lending Library will be on Thursdays. Please make sure your child brings their book back on the following Thursday.

Download Preschool 3s Calendar