From the Pastor’s Desk: August 2022

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From the Pastor's Desk
Rev. Mike Krewson

Two flocks of geese I observed one day seemed like a helpful metaphor. The first was flying low, squawking loud in that complaining tone as if arguing about which should lead and which direction they should take together. The second was high in the sky, organized, quiet, taking turns leading and following their leader in that characteristic “V” shape which minimizes wind resistance as a team. I suggested the congregation I was serving at the time seek to be like the second group more than the first.

Several years later, watching a similar scene, I realized that each flock goes through both scenarios. The skills of climbing from the ground to above the treetops are important, even if they don’t seem so organized and smooth. The high-flying “V”-shaped formation occurs only after lots of choosing, leading, following, and deciding — taking turns and doing the work together.

It has been my honor to be a part of the team striving to follow God’s will at St. Philip’s United Church of Christ in St. Louis. I look forward to retirement with joy but also with some sadness. I will miss the people and relationships we worked to form and the accomplishments that came with them.

St. Philip’s UCC has great potential. I am confident that members and friends, present and future, have a bright path ahead recovering from the pandemic and making new patterns of following the Lord together.

Thank you for your partnership. I pray you will continue to enjoy being the church in each and all of the heights and depths of the journey.

Rev. Mike Krewson, Pastor