Preschool Press 4s: September 2023

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ECC Preschool 4s

September 2023 Preschool Press

A Note from Preschool

We are so excited to start the new Preschool year! We are going to try our best to make sure the kids have a fun and safe year this year.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at any time.

Ms. Crystal & Ms. Kaitlin
Preschool Leads

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314-843-2114 Ext: 208

What are We Learning


We will start the new school year off with lots of name-recognition activities and writing. We will also review the letters A, B, and C with the Mystery Box, Letter Posters, and writing the letters. We will continue to review Zoophonics from last year as well.


The children will be graphing how many letters are in their names during the first week. We will match apple seeds with numbers and graph bears by color. The children will also compare cats to see which is different.


For fine motor, we will be making shapes with play dough, following lines by tracing them with mini erasers, and cutting out a bird. For gross motor, the children will play Clap A Friend’s Name with Me and play Acorn, Acorn on the Ground. We will also go on a Nature Walk.


This month we will talk about the Apple Life Cycle and do activities related to apples. We will balance bears, mix red and yellow to make “fire,” and we will build castles on the light table.


The children will go on a Color Hunt and play the Name Game. We will also talk about Fire Safety Tips.


Monday: Language, Tuesday: Science, Wednesday: Life Skills, Thursday: Geography

  • Week of September 11th – Name Writing, Apple Tree Life Cycle, Smart Choices, United States
  • Week of September 18th – Name Writing, Parts of An Apple, Following Directions, St. Louis
  • Week of September 25th – Letter Sounds, Apple Investigation, Taking Turns/Team Work, Missouri

Important Dates

  • September 4 – Center Closed (Labor Day)
  • September 6 – First Day of Preschool
  • September 11 – Enrichments Start
  • September 20 – Lending Library starts


We will be using your child’s Preschool folder to send work or important information. Please make sure your child brings them every day.

Lending Library will be on Wednesday this year. We are asking for books to be brought back the following Wednesday.